A Formula that Changes Lifes for Children

As of 2018 we have distributed almost 2.8 million muffins. Recently, we re-examined the muffin mixture nutritionally, and after lots of research and great support from various organisations and our friend Grant Mompel, a food technologist, we are very proud to distribute the new "Magic Muffin".

And that's how we make the Magic Muffin

  • We use the best quality vanilla or chocolate flavored muffin mix available in the market (gratefully, purchased for a subsidized prize from our supporting supplier Zeelandia SA)
  • We enrich it with two separate vitamin complexes as well as moringa
  • We mix it with canola oil, water, loads of love and bake them to perfection

The high-quality Muffin mixture additionally contains two vitamin complexes with the following ingredients:

The Magic Formula


A 80g Magic Muffin covers 30% of a child's average daily requirement of these important vitamins and nutrients.


Moringa Powder added to the New Recipe



In addition, 25mg of pure Moringa powder has been added to the recipe.

Moringa is considered a nutrient-rich plant and is commonly used as a natural food supplement. It is often referred to as the most nutritious plant in the world and used by various development organisations to combat malnutrition.

Read more about Moringa on https://www.healthline.com/


How to purchase Magic Muffins


How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing Muffins, please follow this link.

Why Grant supports the project

Grant Mompel 510
"The Magic Muffin was developed to provide a tasty, healthy snack meal for young children attending school. The addition of 11 different vitamins (30% NRV per 80 gram muffin) combined with the immune boosting Moringa Powder makes each muffin a little “power house of nutrition”. To make the preparation of these muffins as convenient as possible, spray dried egg powder was used to replace raw egg. Only water and oil is needed to blend into the powder to prepare the batter. Combining carbohydrates, fiber, protein and a boost of vitamins, each muffin will help the young brains develop and keep bodies healthy."

Grant Mompel
Food Scientist
South Africa