Dear Friends of Lebenslinien and Magic Muffins

Although the Corona situation has improved somewhat in South Africa and the country is now rated Corona Alert 1, the situation is still very serious for many people. Diet and hunger remain the biggest problems, especially for the children. Countless parents still have no work and there is nothing to eat.

Due to the many hungry tummies that need to be filled, we started last year to temporarily replace the Magic Muffin Mix and to bake "regular" muffins.

We produce almost 8,000 muffins a week, which are distributed across 24 locations. From Somerset West, Strand, Sir Lowrys Pass, Grabouw, Lwandle, Nomzamo to Kayamandi.

Fortunately, the state pays for food for children in creches and schools on weekdays. School or creches take place alternately and children only come to the institutions every two weeks, in small groups.

As a result, long lines continue to form, and it is heartbreaking that we cannot reach all of the children.

Our new bakery team is working very hard and efficient and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their sensational commitment!

You will find more information on the pandemic situation in one of our newsletters (teamwork during time of crisis)

If you have any questions or ideas on how to support us, please contact us by e-mail. We would also like to ask you for a donation if you are able to do so. Thank you!

With kindest regards

The Lebenslinien e.V. Team


More than 2.000.000 Muffins supplied

At the beginning of May 2019 we reached the number of 2.000.000 baked Magic Muffins with which we have supported thousands of needy children. What a great achievement! Many thanks to all our generous donors. Without your help this would not have been possible. Read on to find out why this project is so important.

Adequate nutrition is a fundamental human right and indispensable in order to exploit the full physical and mental capacity of a human being. Malnutrition not only affects the growth and mental and physical development of children, but also increases their susceptibility to disease and dysfunction. Improving the nutritional situation of malnourished population groups is therefore not only a human obligation, but also a sustainable economic investment.

Nutrition undersupply has serious health consequences

Studies at schools in areas with particularly high unemployment in South Africa have shown the following: As part of a school meal, the children were provided with a warm meal five times a week. Very few children were underweight from then on, but had extremely low levels of vitamin A, iodine and iron in their blood.

This undersupply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins has far-reaching health consequences, albeit initially invisible. It's called "hidden hunger".

Here, however, one already assumes positive conditions, as the children get something to eat at least once a day. This is by no means the case in many regions of the Cape of Good Hope.

We've seen children who haven't eaten for days. How can children learn with an empty stomach? How is the brain supposed to develop properly?

Our "Magic Muffin" proved to be a possible solution to this problem in many ways

Desired by the children as a tasty snack, its distribution led to a significant increase in cognitive abilities within a very short time and a drastic decline in absenteeism from school or créche due to respiratory and diarrhoeal diseases.

More than two million muffins supplied to children in the Cape Area of South Africa

Since 2007 we have distributed more than two million muffins. It was time to review and improve the recipe with the great support of different organizations. We are now distributing our new "Magic Muffin". You can find the new formula here.


Read More about the Challenge, the Solution and the Impact
to the Life of the Children and their Future


Big Effect - Small Amount:
Only 30 Cents per schoolday or €6 per month

You can help now! With a one-time or regular donation to our MagicMuffin program, you give those children the chance of a self-determined childhood and a better future. You contribute to the fact that the children are better nourished and thus have the opportunity to safely develop and learn better. Please help us now and become a MagicMuffin donor. For only 30 cents a day or €6.00 per month a child can be provided with a healthy and nutritious MagicMuffin every day of school.



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