The Bakery

Efficient and Cost-Effective Production

In 2016 we established a new bakery in a primary school in Strand near Cape Town. In order to produce more efficiently and cost-effective in the future, we decided to close the old bakery in Kylemore and relocate the entire production to Strand in early 2018.

The Bakery Dream Team

At Dr GJ Joubert Primary we found optimal conditions for the setup of our new bakery.

Headmaster Martin Leukes and deputy headmistress Sumaya Gabier supported the project full-heartedly from the second we presented it and have ever since.
The school dedicated a room to the project and with generous funding of the Bavarian government, we could thankfully develop into a full-blown bakery with all the equipment we needed.

With teacher Caroline Geszwind (nomen est omen) and teacher Donavan Jephta looking after the everyday needs, our bakers Vivian and Lee-Ann and finally, Fiona Walker, our external link as well as our health and hygiene specialist, we are blessed with the most wonderful team anyone can imagine.

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". Fortunately, we don't have a weak link in our bakery dream team, which is why we are able to bake efficiently and cost-effectively.

Bakery Dream Team

We aim for the required hygiene standards in production

Fiona is a retired nurse, who previously worked in the team of Christiaan Barnard, the physician who performed the first successful heart transplantation worldwide in Cape Town. She involves herself in the "Lebenslinien family" on an voluntary basis with full vigour and she motivates the team. With her clinical hygiene expertise and a few smaller investments, she ensures that we meet the required hygiene standards during the Magic Muffin production.

Good news! The bakery was audited by the local food and health authority in February 2019. The results were very positive and the bakery will soon receive the relevant certificate. Congratulations to the whole team! Keep it up!

Production Capacity of up to 10,000 Magic Muffins per Week

We currently produce 5,000 Muffins per week. But the production can be expanded up to 10,000 muffins per week, which means that we could potentially supply up to 2,000 children per week from this production site.


How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing Muffins, please follow this link.

Why we donate

Julia und Alexander" We are happy to support such a great project! The muffins are an essential key for children's education, as everyone of us knows how difficult it is, to stay concentrated and learn with an empty stomach."

Julia and Alexander

Why Heike donates

picture heike"Muffins are not only important for a good development of the children. They also put a smile on their faces! Please donate too. "