How to Purchase Magic Muffins

We have started to sell the famous Magic Muffins

In order to provide more muffins for malnourished children and to make the project more sustainable, we have started selling muffins to schools,churches,creches, or childcare facilities.

Fair share between Dr. Joubert Primary School and us

The small margin is shared between Dr. Joubert Primary School, where we bake the muffins and who is hosting the bakery.  Our share is used to produce more muffins, while the school is able to support certain projects for their schoolchildren.

This partly covers school running costs

A fair share of the schools running costs should be covered by school fees paid by the childrens parents. Like usual in poorer areas, only about 40% of the parents really pay though. In other words, the school must fundraise about 60% of their expenses in order to maintain school operations.

Where to order?

Should you be interested in purchasing magic muffins for children in your area, please contact us by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form.

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing Muffins, please follow this link.

Why we work for Lebenslinien e.V.

"We proactively support the association Lebenslinien e.V. because our work is important for the organization and for the children."

Daniela, Administration
Erwin, IT and Fundraising