Bye Fiona, our shining star!

FionaWe are absolutely devastated and shattered by the sad news of the passing of our beloved friend Fiona. It will, without a doubt, take a long time for us to get used to the idea that she is no longer with us.
Fiona, the amazing human being, who never really took herself too seriously, and always placed the needs of others first.

Fiona, our happy friend, who always came through for others, putting her heart and soul into helping and showing her unreserved love for the people in her community. Fiona, who ran and managed our bakery with a great deal of expertise and know how. Fiona, the woman who would not take no for an answer and would always find a way.

Your last big coup was to reopen our muffin bakery in the midst of the Covid lockdown through your relentless efforts with public authorities to arrange all necessary permits involved in these difficult times – and of course you succeeded!!! Since the 09th of April you and the bakery managed to bake and distribute 30.000 muffins. Your love for people has always driven you to carry on and to care for people, be it the children, the elderly or the sick– all those who were in dire need of your help. This was your calling that always drove and motivated you!

How are all those people going to carry on without you? No more drumming circles for the playschool kids at Heaven on Earth Centre. You will be sorely missed at the senior centre and hospice, where you worked many years as a nurse and still continued to help out and support even after your retirement. Fiona, you touched so many hearts in your life and made life easier for so many people.

Fiona, you are leaving a huge gap in our personal lives and we, your Magic Muffin Family, must now find our way without you. It will not be easy, but we will have to make a plan, just like you always used to do. We will love you forever and we are unspeakably sad that we cannot be together with you anymore. Thank you so much for your selfless deeds and acts of kindness and thank you for the privilege of walking with you for a part of your life.

We take our hat off to our dear and beloved friend Fiona – we will keep you in our hearts forever and will try to adopt your maxims and follow in your footsteps.


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